User Guide

Step 1

  • Register the driver in JPJ MYSIKAP Portal.

Step 2

  • Register the driver in
    • After login the system, select CALON > CALON BARU
    • Registration can only be done by driving institute staff.
    • After registration, driver need to activate the account by doing the bio-metric finger scan with MYKAD at driving institute.
    • You will need to install the application for each computer doing the bio-metric finger scan once only. After install, you will need to restart the computer. The system only support the IRIS BCR200DTP Reader.
    • IRIS BCR200DTP Reader
    • After activate the account, system will automatic send email to the driver base on the email address fill up in the system. Driver will need to click the link in the email to create the first password to access the system.
    • If the driver want to get the password immediately, you can click the button CIPTA KATA LALUAN to generate the password and click the CETAK button to print the profile with temporary password for the driver.

Step 3

  • Driver can access the ePSV from the URL below;
    • After login the system, driver will see the study record duration.
    • Driver will need to press the button MULA PEMBELAJARAN to start the ePSV online.
    • After start the ePSV, driver need to select the topic within 1 minutes to continue the online self study.
    • After driver select the topic, system will display the slide or video for driver to read.
      • Number 1:- During the study period, system will display to total 6 hours duration count down timer.
      • Number 2:- System will display 10 minutes count down timer for each slide. Driver cannot open the slide and leave the computer over 10 minutes, system will automatic END the session.
      • Number 3:- Driver can navigate the slide by pressing the forward or backward button to change slide. Total 153 slide. Driver will need to click the forward button to finish all the slide.
      • Number 1:- When you navigate to the last slide, system will display a TICK icon. Remember to click that button to indicate that you have finish reading all the slide.
    • Criteria for complete the ePSV Online Self Study.
      • Stay actively in front the computer and interact with system over 6 hours in total duration.
      • Finish reading all the slide in the topic.
    • Criteria for booking physical paper test after complete the ePSV Online Self Study.
      • System will generate JPJL2C after driver fulfill the 2 criteria above.
      • Driver need to inform the driving institute after complete the ePSV.
      • Driving institute staff will export the information and email to JPJ for verification. It will takes minimum 3 working days.
      • After the verification process completed, the driving institute staff will only able to booking the test date for the driver.